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Inorganic growth can provide a much-needed boost to a company’s capabilities. However, India can be a challenging environment for concluding deals involving mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, making it essential for such deals to be handled with great care and expertise. Investors must evaluate the accounting, tax, regulatory, legal, management and cultural aspects of the target company. While investors would like to have complete and accurate information to make critical decisions, such information is not readily available and is often difficult to evaluate. The success of a deal may hinge on the ability to discover and analyse the missing pieces. On-the-ground knowledge greatly improves the probability of a deal’s proper execution and success.

Taxpert Professional holistic approach to Transaction Advisory comes from a thorough understanding of ground realities. We understand that it is not merely individual activities such as target identification or due diligence that determine the success of a transaction, but it is how such activities are collectively managed as a project. Our team is involved at every stage of the process followed by post-transaction hand-holding until our client is ready for the final handover. We work as project managers with our goal being the success of your business and its continued growth. We don’t work just as your advisers or consultants but more as your “Implementation Partners”.

How Taxpert Professionals can assist you?

Valuation of Business: 

Business valuation is a process and set of procedures used to estimate the economic value of an owner’s interest in a business. Valuation is used by financial market participant to determine the price they are willing to pay or receive to affect a sale of a business.

Taxpert can help with all aspects of the valuation function, ranging from a full-outsourced model to reviewing/vetting of internal compliance functions. We can help inter alia in:

  • Assessment of the valuation of the Company will be on the basic assumption of a going concern entity and would be based on some or all of these popular methodologies:
  • Income Approach
  • Market Approach
  • Cost Approach
  • Reviewing & analysing the industry in which business operates, governing laws and regulations applicable to the company, organisation structure.
  • Reviewing & analysing the accounting policies, procedures, historical financial statements of the company.
  • Reviewing & analysing the historical Cash flow statements, Income & expense analysis, changes in Assets and liability including contingent assets and liabilities.
  • Understanding the past ratios of the company such as GP Ratio, NP Ratio, EBIT ratio, EPS etc.
  • Identifying the areas of risk.
  • Drawing suitable assumption and determining the appropriate valuation method.
  • Forecasting the Income Statements, Cash Flow Statements, Balance sheet for at least 5 years.

Computation of the Fair Value of Business/Shares.

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