Corporate Law Services

Corporate law is the establishment of laws that govern how corporations are formed and operated. Indian Government have notified various Acts, Rules and legal provisions to control the formation of various type of legal forms like Companies| Proprietorship | Partnership |LLP |

These Laws are controlling all the activities of the entity from the initial level of formation till the winding up. Even after winding up also the entities and Key Managerial persons can be make responsible for the activities incurred by the entities during its business period.

Further, many times management is of the view to change its business line| Form of Entity and wish to restructure its running business due to change in market demand| competitions and relevant segments.

Consulting Services in relation to selection of the type and form of Business Entity:

These services includes help and support to the clients in selection of proper Form or type of the Business Entity on the basis of various research and analysis [on the basis of details provided and requirement| objectives shared by the Clients] to help our client in selecting the entity which is :-

  • More tax beneficial
  • Less Statutory Compliances burden
  • Smooth to run
  • Fulfill the objective of the clients to start that business like business goodwill | Eligibility for Contracts etc.

Formation and Registration:

We provide services to Form or Register the entity as:

  • Proprietorship Firm
  • Partnership| Limited Liability Partnership Firm
  • Private Limited Company |One Person Company.
  • Trust

Statutory Compliances:

How Taxpert Professionals can assist you?

  • Incorporation of Public and Private Companies (including wholly owned subsidiaries of foreign companies)
  • Incorporation of Foreign Entities in the form of Liaison Office/Project Office/Branch Office of Foreign Companies in India
  • Conversion of a Partnership Firm/ Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) into a Company
  • Conversion of Private Companies into Public Companies & Vice-versa
  • Drafting of documents in relation to Meetings like: Notice |Agenda |Board Resolutions| Minutes etc.
  • Filing of annual Returns and Statement as applicable in various Acts: AOC-4|MGT7 (Companies Act,20130|Form-11|Form-8 (LLP Act,2008)
  • Reporting to RBI under FEMA Act,1999: FCTRS|FCGPR|FLA etc.

Introduction and Insertion of Foreign Equity Fund:

How Taxpert Professionals can assist you?

  • Possible way to attract the foreign investment| investors to well equip the business.
  • Possible way and Forms to insert or introduce or increase foreign equity| fund| investment in the Business.
  • Statutory Compliances to be follow in case of Foreign investment.
  • Various Reporting requirement to Reserve Bank of India and Other relevant authorities.

Restructuring and Winding up of Business:

How Taxpert Professionals can assist you?

Consulting Service:

Growth and success are mandatory in each and every field and to achieve the required growth we all need to Update| Rethink |Re-plan| Restructure our business as per the market requirements and demand. We need to implement new ideas and technologies in our business that can be in the form of conversion| merger or acquisition of other business also.

We at Taxpert Professionals providing guidance to our clients about the Restructuring of the business activities to face the competition in Market and to more growth and success.

  • Conversion of the Entity: We are proving services to convert the entity from one legal Form to another like; Proprietorship to Partnership or Partnership to Private Limited etc.
  • Merger and Acquisitions: We provide detailed analysis and comparatives on various options of merger and acquisitions of two or more business entities in various Forms.
  • Liquidation and winding up: We are providing services in relation to liquidate and winding up of a Company and to support in properly EXIT of the Entity from Corporate Form without hassle.

Other Support Services:

Our team is also expert to provide the support services in:

  • Issue of Share Capital
  • Increase of Authorized Capital
  • Change of Name of the Entity.
  • Drafting and review of agreements.
  • Any other support as per the client requirements.

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