About the Firm

Taxpert Professionals is a conglomeration of multi-diverged professionals known for providing concentrated services in relation to accountancy, taxation, legal and corporate laws advisory in a seamless manner. Taxpert professionals believe in the creation of value through advising and assisting the business. The pool of professionals from different spectrum like tax, accountancy, legal, costing, management facilitate the conversion of knowledge into beneficial transaction.

We believe in the solutions, broad vision and deep research which are the key perquisite of consulting profession. Our mission is to provide outstanding business solutions to given businesses to reach the desired outcome. Our solutions are delivered by well informed, accessible, partner-led teams which strive to provide the highest quality of service to our clients, by listening sharply, analysing, understanding, responding promptly and living up to the commitments that we make.

Who We Are

Taxpert Professionals is here to assist if you wonder how your business ventures measure up with others, or you wrestle with such issues as corporate compliances, complex taxation issues, building up the corporate image, enhancing profitability and efficiency, or you are considering a complete makeover of the business. Taxpert has nurtured a team of high-caliber, dedicated and experienced professionals maintaining our hallmark ‘Delivering Value to our Client/ Striving to deliver the Best.

Where are we coming from

The idea to start a tax consultancy started to take shape long back in year 2002 by a team of young and vibrant professionals like chartered accountants, company secretaries, advocates. Today Taxpert Professionals is advising multinational companies, Indian reputed public and private limited companies. Also, Taxpert Professionals is commending the faith and managing the tax affairs of the high net worth individuals.

Our team is also well known to assist and provide the professional assistance for first generation entrepreneur for setting up of new business/venture. Partners’ leaded teams each specializing in the specific branch of tax and corporate laws ensure the deliverable with tax efficiencies and planning.

Taxpert Professionals has it in India at Mumbai, New Delhi, Chandigarh and Gurgaon. The Company is also having associate office at USA at Texas (USA) and Dubai.

What we do

We provide solutions. Solutions which adds value. Solutions which saves cost. Solutions which are tailored to the business needs. We provide solutions that you need and which are practical to implement. We are uncomplicated and so are our solutions. We believe in black and white and not greys. Because greys in our field means exposures to our clients. A practical solution today may be tough today but it pays. We provide services in the areas of Taxation, Corporate Law, International Transaction.

Our Evolution

The idea to start a tax consultancy started to take shape long back in year 2002 by a team of young and vibrant professionals like chartered accountants, company secretaries, advocates. Founded in May 2009, the firm have won the confidence of several MNC and is the partner of choice for Tax advisory and compliance services.

It has a strong team with leading professionals with respective expertise in their areas.

The firm has won many awards and accolades for its outstanding work. Recently

The firm is announced as 25 most promising Indian Tax Advisory Firm by the Consultant Review Magazine for the financial year 2015-16.


  • High-caliber professionals which includes the mix of qualified Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary and Advocates on your engagement team who know your business and industry.
  • Innovative solutions and different approaches to problem solving till the final outcome.
  • Shared best practices and new business opportunities through consistent updates

Our Values

Taxpert Professionals believes that by adopting the global best practices and with the intent of growth of all, our company can continuously improve and expand our business standing and reputation. Taxpert Professionals aims to be respected by our customers for our attitude and behaviour towards them, the quality of our work and services, and for the values we have.

Taxpert Professionals seeks to have a working environment and culture in which employees are equipped, updated, happy, motivated, enthusiastic, and take pride in their company.

Taxpert Professionals seeks to provide the solutions to its clients which are practical, saves cost to them, bring quality and that keeps them complaint and progressive.

Following are the core values of Taxpert Professionals

  • Integrity

We maintain integrity in our efforts and commitments to our clients and people and conduct.

  • Commitment

We are committed to providing best services to our clients, hiring the talent with passion like ours, providing the research based solutions for growth, encouraging research, innovation and creativity and delivering consistent, high quality value-added services.

  • Personal growth

We are committed to provide an environment that continually fosters personal and professional growth of all our team members at all level.

  • Socially responsible

We are determined to give back to society in a manner best possible to our strength.

At Taxpert, we strive at perfect unification of professionalism with high standards of services and adherence to our values and our mission, of adding value to every responsibility endowed upon us.

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