Comprehensive International Transactions Review (CITR)

International Tax

CITR is an extensive review of International Transactions from perspective of –

  • Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 – It is an Act to manage and regulate transactions involving Foreign Exchange. Any transactions, be it investment in India or Investment outside India, be it export or an import, be it giving of guarantee to person outside India or investment by Foreign Institutional Investors fall under the purview of Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999.

In “CITR” we follow balance sheet approach

  • ouses are becoming smart, the tax authorities are getting smarter with Indian transfer pricing regime importing global concepts like BEPS (Base Erosion and prof it shifting), thin capitalisation and secondary adjustments either taking birth or getting adopted. With the newer ways of doing business in global space it is essential that all the business strategies are aligned to proper and planned taxation policy. With ever increasing cross border transactions, it is essential that the Transfer pricing policies and solutions are tailored made to needs, uncomplicated, innovative, effective, forward-thinking, complaint and practical to implement.

In “CITR” we analyse appropriateness of documentation, method used, quality of comparables, status of assessments, deemed transactions, Form 3CEB inter alia.

  • Expatriate Taxation – Moving to a foreign country often proves challenging. Coming to terms with a new tax system is one of the more significant factors contributing to this challenge. It is important to understand about changes to the personal income tax and implications on social security contributions as a result of such a move and to understand the steps that are advisable to be taken before leaving the home country both by the company as well as the employee. Taxation of Expatriate is a tricky affair not only for the employee but also for the employer.

In “CITR” we review all agreements/policies, ascertain the correct tax liability, determine maximum benefit of taxes paid, help avoid double taxation of Income along with review of benefits available under Social Security Agreement, if any.

  • Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement – The DTAA is a treaty signed between countries for avoidance of double taxation on income.

In “CITR” we analyse every foreign exchange transaction undertaken and help our clients’ avail DTAA benefit, if not already availed.

  • Other governing provisions – Foreign Trade Policy, Companies Act, 2013, Assessment & Arbitration, Trade Finance.

Why CITR…..what value we add……

In CITR, we at Taxpert Professionals diagnose, provide the assusrance the following:

  • Compliance that are required to be done
  • Exposure that a transaction may have
  • Prudence that may or may not be there
  • Structuring best suited to your business
  • Benefits which you may not be availing

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