Diligence is often performed by the potential buyer or investor on the business of the potential seller. Due Diligence could be considered an exhaustive review of all business documents and records in an effort to assess the health and viability of the business in question.

We at Taxpert Professional are provide below mentioned services in various forms of Due Diligence; –

  • Financial due diligence: Our role in a financial due diligence involves evaluation of the business by analysing the present and historical financial statements including important agreements reviewing the control environment and assessing the risk incidental to the business. It includes analysis of Actual earnings, Financial projections, Cash flow generators, Capital expenditure, working capital, Management information system and control environment, Commitments and contingent liabilities that might endanger financial performance or otherwise.
  • Tax Due Diligence: Tax is one of the material and unavoidable costs. Hence, tax health check/Due Diligence is very crucial. Tax due diligence is carried out to understand the tax profile of the company and to uncover and quantify tax exposures and also to identify any tax upside (potential tax benefits that are not being claimed/envisaged) which may be available.
  • Secretarial Due Diligence: Under Secretarial Due Diligence we carry out the comprehensive audit of the company w.r.t secretarial compliance covering mainly Companies Act, 2013 and other corporate laws and Regulations as applicable.
  • International Transaction Due Diligence Looking into transactions from four perspective i.e. Foreign Exchange Management Act, 2000, Transfer Pricing Regulations, International Taxation (Income Tax Provisions read with Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement) and Expatriate Taxation.
  • Legal Due Diligence: Legal due diligence shall be based on the industry the company is in. It will involve going through all the agreements entered into by the company etc.

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